… aqui ficam 40 razões para ainda valer a pena estudar Jornalismo.

1. We need journalism.
2. As a society, we need good journalism.
3. We need good journalists.
4. We need journalism’s spirit.
5. We need the next generation’s talent.
6. Journalism teaches you to be a writer, and a good one.
7. Journalism teaches you to be a talker, and a good one.
8. Journalism teaches you to defend your stance, your writing and your character.
9. Journalism teaches you ethics.
10. Journalism teaches you to learn on the fly
11. Journalism teaches you how to ask questions, including the tough ones.
12. Journalism makes you look at situations, problems and issues from multiple perspectives.
13. Journalism teaches you to be a good networker.
14. Journalism teaches you to be a good researcher.
15. Journalism teaches you confidence.
16. The world becomes a smaller place.
17. Journalism clues you into newsworthiness.
18. There are cutting-edge and exciting projects developing.
19. You can explore your creativity.
20. There are plenty of stories still needing to be told.
21. It’s historic.
22. People in journalism are diverse, eclectic and interesting.
23. Gives you an excuse to talk to someone in the know.
24. You grow broad shoulders.
25. Make the right decision the first time.
26. You can reach more people than ever.
27. You can be you.
28. It’s easier to freelance.
29. There are internships galore that you can start doing now.
30. There are top-notch universities with amazing learning labs.
31. Inside information is easier to attain.
32. It’s less costly to do.
33. You mom will be proud.
34. You will know how to mediate a conversation.
35. You will learn how to multi-task.
36. You can make a difference.
37. You will learn tangible skills.
38. You can pursue graduate education.
39. It changes everyday.
40. Twitter tweeps agree that studying journalism is invaluable.

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